We make it right
when storms strike

Serving homeowners and PAs, since 2009

Our Services

We offer numerous services for homeowners and insurance claims professionals

For Homeowners

We help you get back on track after a loss, we help you with all aspects of the restoration process and emergency repairs process when storms strike. We help with:

  • Emergency Tarps
  • Interior water damage
  • Insurance claim help
  • Hail, Wind, Fire, Flood damages
  • Restoration services

For GC and PA's

We help you get what is right and correct to do the restoration after a loss, with more than 12 years of experience you will not get a low ball offer or get an underpay claim for your cases and your customer; the homeowner will feel you are truly helping them. Also, by delegating the time-consuming task of dealing with insurance companies in supplements you will have the time to focus on what’s more important, talking to your sales team and interacting more with the homeowners so you can grow your business and why not take more vacations. After all, you are working very hard to not be able to enjoy the rewards. We offer:

  • Insurance Supplementing.
  • Insurance Appraisal (referrals to homeowners)
  • Xactimate Estimates
  • Property Inspections

What Makes Us Unique

Learn why we are the best option for many homeowners and professionals alike

Choose Us...

…Because we make it right for them, by ensuring that they are paid what’s fair in case of disaster and by exceeding their expectations in terms of quality and good customer service….



…Because they increase their productivity, gain more time and increase their profits to be able to sustain a business throughout years to come. at the same time as they decrease work stress and focus on growing their business by leaving it to us to deal with insurance companies instead of them.

In 2023, we received cases totaling

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for our customers

About Us

C323’s mission is to help homeowners and general contractors get what is fair and correct to be able to do the repairs after a loss.

The carrier should not pay less and the homeowners should not get more than what is reasonable neeed to complete the work after a loss. We are passionate about what we do, implementing the best strategies possible, considering damage on the property and reasonable methods of repairs, and puting to work our combined experience so that the homeowner can have peace of mind of a fully restored home and the contractor can cover their cost and make the right profits.

Our team is composed of highly skilled enthusiasts who love working with people, and who feel connected to the why of the company.

We care a lot about each property and what it represents to its owners and contractors, and we work hard to give the best service and positive experience to our customers…..

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